Happy Birthday Jesus, sorry your party is so lame

7:54 PM

Everyone always gets so butt hurt about playing Christmas music before Christmas and I will never understand why. Christmas is the best time of year. Not (just) because of the millions of lights everywhere. Not (just) because of the presents. Not (just) because of peppermint hot chocolate. I love the feeling that comes with Christmas. There is so much love in the air. So much giving and acceptance. It's a feeling I wish we could keep all year long (hence the reason I play Christmas songs in July). 

I've been going through a lot these last couple of weeks and I couldn't help but think.... "Really God? Right now of all times? I have finals to get through. It's almost Christmas, my favorite time of year. Could you give me a break? But then, as most of my realizations do, it hit me square in the head (and the heart). Maybe this is the best time of year to go through trials. Everywhere you turn there is a reminder of the person who helps us get through those trials.

Every Christmas Eve we have a tradition of playing out the nativity with candles. We have candles for each character of that holy night: 3 purple candles for the wiseman, 3 green candles for the shepherds, 2 blue candles for Mary and Joseph, 1 tall white candle for the Angel, and 1 small white candle for baby Jesus. As we light each candle we sing a song and read a verse from the scriptures or recite a phrase to represent a person present at Christ's birth. As the night of Christ's birth ends, each candle must be snuffed out as a representation of each character returning home and eventually back to their Heavenly Father. But the light of Christ remains constant. "The light that began in Bethlehem was Eternal Life. And this life was the Light of all mankind. That Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never overcome the Light. And it all began on a silent, holy night"

I know that the magic of Christmas comes from a loving Father who sent his son to earth so that we could one day return to him. It comes from a child who was born to take on all the pains of the earth. Without him as our constant light, the magic of Christmas would not be the same.
Out of all the gifts I received today, Jesus Christ was by far the best one. He is the gift that can be received again and again each year and each day. 

Merry Christmas everyone. I love you all.

xo, jaymo

p.s. Jesus's party was awesome today it's just an office quote

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