20 Things I Learned Before I Turned 20

5:38 PM

 1. Learn to accept the apologies you never got. This is how you move on.
 2. Enjoy the rain without it we would have no rainbows.
 3. Home is a feeling not a place.
 4. You are not searching for your "other half" because you are not a half. You are a whole. You are enough.
 5. You will never pass the "test" of life with 100%. 
 6. Never regret anything. Every mistake is a new chance to learn something.
 7. Your relationship with God is just that, yours. Don't let anyone try and tell you what God says you need to do. Listen to him yourself.
 8. You can find just about any excuse not to do something. Try and find reasons to do it!
 9. Nothing in life is coincidence. Everything happens for a reason.
 10. You are exactly where YOU need to be. It doesn't matter where your best friend is or your worst enemy. Never compare your life to others. Your path in life is your own. It will never look the same as anyone else's.
 11. Never compare yourself to others. We are all unique in our own way.
 12. Social media is not real. We only show others our very best self and that is all they show us. Don't compare your bloopers to some else's highlight reel.
 13. It doesn't matter where you're going as long as you're trying to get somewhere.
 14. Don't waste sunsets with people who won't be around for the sunrise.
 15. I think God has a sense of humor and I think life is meant to be funny. People take it too seriously.
 16. There are people who genuinely care about you and there are people who are just curious. The sooner you know the difference the better.
 17. It is not selfish to focus on yourself. Sometimes we focus so hard on what other people need, we forget to focus on what we need.
 18. Sometimes what we think we need is completely opposite of what we really need.
 19. Make plans but be flexible. Life seldom turns out the way we plan it.
 20. Trust in God. He knows what he is doing.

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